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Manjón arquitectos is a firm committed to elegant, innovative, functional and timeless design. Manjón arquitectos, beyond fashions, seeks to create quality architecture that improves people’s lives, creating spaces where people can rest, dream, live….. We also believe in and are committed to sustainable and self-sufficient architecture that improves the environment and protects it.

Our projects aspire to the highest energy rating. Manjon arquitectos has experience in the construction of “Passive hause” housing, as well as houses that without having this rating are highly efficient with new and innovative systems both in installations and in the materials used.


In all our projects we look for an optimal distribution, prioritising the functionality of the spaces and making the most of the surface area, minimising passageways and corridors.

Our aim is to achieve a functional, aesthetic, elegant and efficient design. The three “E’s” that Manjón Arquitectos always keeps in mind when facing a new project.

We want our buildings to remain as elegant and functional over time as when they were designed and executed, so we are committed to the flexibility of the spaces. Our projects are conceived to be able to mutate their functions according to the needs of their users.

Each project is for us a new challenge where we can innovate while achieving an optimal construction. We detail the solutions to the maximum to be able to foresee any type of problem on site and thus control costs and execution from the beginning.

We start with a dream and finish when the house is completely finished and perfectly executed, following the whole process meticulously.

Another of our differentiating points is our personalised customer service. It is essential for us that the final result of the work is completely satisfactory and that our client can achieve their dream. At the end of the day, we design and build and we think to fulfil our clients’ wishes.


Natalia García Manjón

Founding Director of Manjón Arquitectos.

Senior Architect from the Madrid Polytechnic School of Architecture (ETSAM Madrid).

Master MDI (in management of construction companies and Real Estate) by ETSAM.


2014- currently Architect-DIRECTOR at Manjón Arquitectos
2012-2014 Architect at KLP Architekten in Zürich

Performed tasks:

  • New construction projects and renovations.
  • Organization of architecture competitions.
2010-2012 Director of technical department at Reinventa tu Espacio .Madrid

Performed tasks:

  • Reforms and rehabilitations.
  • Project Management.
  • New construction, homes and villas.
  • Technical certificates.
  • Management of Urban Licenses.
2006-2010 Architect at Alfredo Lozano Arquitectos, Madrid

Performed tasks:

  • Design and implementation of basic projects and implementation of housing and public buildings.
  • Architecture competitions.
  • Reforms and rehabilitations.



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